We told you yesterday about a story of a Michigan woman who kept a dead man in her home for over 18 months. You can read more about the details by clicking here

But a story from Yahoo! reports that the woman, Linda Chase, kept him in the home so that they can watch NASCAR together? WHAT?

As a quote from the story stated "Zigler, known as Charlie, died naturally, Linda Chase said. "He just fell asleep." She kept him in his chair after he died, keeping him dressed and cleaned. His body did not stink, she said. She would talk to him and watch NASCAR races on television with him."

As the story goes on, the old woman kept Zigler's body around for more than just watching NASCAR. Chase is currently being investigated, after admitting to cashing his social security checks, saying that "I'm probably going to prison." This is a sad story all around for everyone involved.



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