Luckily, I have never been in a situation in which I am getting flashed. While I'm not entirely sure how I'd respond to a creeper exposing his genitals, I probably would not have balls (no pun intended) like the 24-year-old woman in Boston who literally grabbed a flasher and held him until police arrived. Talk about girl power!

The young woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, was riding a riding a train home from work on Thursday night when all the sudden there was someone standing just a bit to close to her. She tells WHDH Boston:

“He was literally about this far…I mean I looked up and saw him, I looked down because it was just awkward looking into his face and then…I just saw that he had exposed himself.”
When no one responded to her screams, she decided to take action. She lunged out of the train after the creep and held him by his collar until police arrived. All the while screaming at him for being a sicko.
She says that while the suspect, Michael Galvin, was much bigger than her, she did not want to be a victim:

“I want everyone to know you have to say something. Maybe lunging out of the train was not the right way to go. I just wanted to make sure he wasn’t going to get away with this.”

So. Freaking. Badass. Right?!
As for the flasher, well, he told police that the train was just so crowded, his pants just fell off.
I am just so sure, dude.