You read that properly. A lady is suing the Dallas Cowboys because she sat on a hot bench outside of their stadium and ended up with third degree burns.

Here's a question for all of you: how old were you when you learned not to touch things that are hot? One, maybe two years-old? That's what I thought. Apparently, Jennelle Carrillo didn't figure that out when she was a toddler like the rest of us.

I'm wondering just how long someone has to sit on a bench in order to experience third degree burns, but I have to assume it's a while. How do you not realize that it's burning your flesh and just stand up?!?

So, she's suing the Dallas Cowboys, and their owner Jerry Jones, for damages. From her lawsuit:

Defendants did not exercise reasonable care to eliminate the risk of harm to plaintiff posed by the bench, nor did defendants adequately warn plaintiff of the risk of harm posed by the bench. No warning signs were posted at or near the bench advising that it was dangerously hot when exposed to the August sun.

Really? Why doesn't she just sue the sun and Mother Nature while she's at it?

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