Forget everything they told you in health class. Forget about everything doctors have been telling you for years. It turns out that is is, in fact, possible to survive past 100 and eat White Castle regularly. How do we know? Well, Madeleine Turpan of Long Island, NY is here to prove it. She just celebrated her 102nd birthday at White Castle and she couldn't be healthier or happier. The kicker? She's a former dietitian.

I must admit I have never been to a White Castle, but I know about how great their burgers are from my co-worker Ned, and his frequent trips to the east side of the state to eat them. In fact, he just went this past weekend. What makes the burgers so good? Well, according to my resident White Castle expert, it's that they fit into a small box on a grease soaked bun and are grilled to perfection on a bed of onions.

Turpan still enjoys wine with her dinner and she got a college degree when she was 75! One of her greatest honors, though, I am sure was being inducted into the White Castle Cravers Hall of Fame during her birthday party, which featured both White Castle burgers and a giant birthday cake. The hall of fame is quite selective - with only 170 members total out of the nearly 8,000 people who have tried to be inducted since 2001.

Turpan told WABC-TV New York that this was the best birthday party she's ever had,

The best part so far today has been being right here, right now, with all these lovely people around here, every one of them. All friends.