White Castle, known for its little burgers, is branching out - with a new beer!

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White Castle Collaborates with Evil Genius on New Beer 'It Hits Different'

The burger chain White Castle turned 100 last year and is continuing to celebrate with a new brew, a collaboration with Philadelphia-based brewery Evil Genius.

The new beer, "It Hits Different", is a 6.5% ABV Tangerine IPA that's brewed with Centennial Hops, in a nod to White Castle's recent hundredth birthday, and the new Sabro Hops, to highlight and the fast food chain's innovation.

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It's slightly bitter, due to the unique hop profile, yet also sweet and light due to the tangerine. "It Hits Different" was developed to pair perfectly with White Castle's signature Sliders.

As far as the name, they say it's a "cheeky" reference to both companies making "one-of-a kind and uniquely satisfying" products.

Evil Genius Co-Founder Trevor Hayward says in a release

Nostalgia is such a big part of our brand, and with White Castle's over one-hundred-year legacy, it just seemed like a perfect fit to partner with them to create a beer that is as memorable as it is tasty.

"It Hits Different" isn't the only interestingly named Evil Genius beer - it's kind of their thing. The brewery states on their Facebook page, they come up with "very silly names for very serious beers."

Evil Genius Beer, Facebook
Evil Genius Beer, Facebook

Check out more Evil Genius brews here.

Where to Buy White Castle's 'It Hits Different Beer'

As of Oct. 3, 2022, "It Hits Different" is available in just six states: Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Rhode Island, and yes - Michigan!

Evil Genius Beer, Facebook
Evil Genius Beer, Facebook

You can buy it in cans from retail stores and select restaurants will have it on draft. Find out which Michigan stores carry Evil Genius beer here.

Prices may vary, but it sounds like six-packs are around $11.99.

Have you spotted "It Hits Different" in any Mitten State stores yet?

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