Grand Haven is known for Coast Guard Festival which is celebrating its 99th year.

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But Coast Guard City USA might also be home to the world's oldest wedding cake.


The Tri-Cities Historical Museum in Grand Haven, Michigan, may be home to the world's oldest wedding cake.

13 On Your Side via YouTube
13 On Your Side via YouTube

The cake was from the marriage between Nate Robbins and Esther Savidge on September 3rd, 1891, and has somehow been preserved over the years.

Interesting Facts About This Possible world record Wedding Cake

The cake is estimated to be over 130 years old.

It is a white cake with white frosting, and it has a small bride and groom figurine on top.

The cake was donated to the museum in the 1970s by a local family.

The museum staff has taken great care to preserve the cake, keeping it in a temperature-controlled environment and covering it with a glass case to protect it from dust and other contaminants.

The Tri-Cities Historical Museum In Grand Haven

The Tri-Cities Historical Museum is a free local history museum.

The archives for the museum are home to a variety of historical artifacts, including photographs, documents, and other items that help tell the story of the Tri-Cities area.

If you're ever in Grand Haven, Michigan, be sure to stop by the Tri-Cities Historical Museum to see this possible world record holder for yourself!

Watch: Grand Haven May Be Home To The World's Oldest Wedding Cake

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