It’s rare to see the Wu-Tang Clan in legal trouble but the Staten Island rap collective are being sued by ‘60s doo-wop group the Diplomats.

According to TMZ, the three surviving Diplomats members have slapped the Wu with a copyright-infringement lawsuit claiming their producer, DJ Mathematics, jacked the melody, lyric and rhythm of their 1969 song “I’ve Got the Kind of Love” for their single, “People Say” (featuring Redman). The song appears on the Wu-Tang compilation album The Saga Continues, which dropped in October 2017.

In their suit, the Diplomats claimed that many fans have noticed the similarities between the two songs and have highlighted them online. After hearing the track, the group realized they didn’t give Wu-Tang Clan permission to sample their 1969 tune.

The Diplomats are seeking an injunction to stop Wu-Tang from performing and profiting off of the song. The group also want back royalties from the sale of "People Say" so far.

Attorneys for DJ Mathematics and the Wu-Tang Clan had no comment on the matter.

We also included The Diplomats song and the Wu-Tang track below for reference. What do you think? Did the Wu jacked the Diplomats?

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