This Sunday, December 12th The WWE Supershow Holiday Tour rolls into Grand Rapids with your favorite Raw & SmackDown superstars in action live at Van Andel Arena.

I had the chance to catch up with Kofi Kingston before he's in town this Sunday.

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Big Joe: I just saw recently that you had a baby daughter

Kofi Kingston: Yes, it's a beautiful thing, man, everybody who has kids knows how amazing the whole process is. My wife births children naturally and we did a home birth this time and we did it one last time with our other son. And then we did a birth center. It's amazing to watch that whole process man because I feel like as men. You know, like we got the easy part. You know, they're like save if we ever get into a fight or we get into an argument just like remind me of this moment and you will always be right. I you know, to say like I could never do, what she did and the fact that she has brought these amazing beautiful, just awesome kids into this world. For me, I am always indebted to her for that. So yeah, it was great.

Big Joe: Your tag team buddy Big E is the current WWE Champ, What advice did you give him since you've been the champ before?

Kofi Kingston: Big E didn't need my advice. He already had all the tools to become the champion. you look at Biggie, and he's a guy who was like, big and menacing. But at the same time, he can make you laugh. He can make you cry. He's amazing on the mic. He's incredibly athletic. He shouldn't be able to move the way that he does at that size. You know he has incredible matches. And on top of that, he's a great person. He's already got all the tools to be the greatest WWE Champion

You can listen to the entire interview with Kofi Kingston by CLICKING HERE

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