According to XYLØ, love is a "beautiful disaster."

The band was recently featured on The Chainmokers' tropical-hued "Setting Fires," but on their latest stormy electro-pop jam, "I Still Wait For You," the Los Angeles-based brother-sister duo—producer/drummer Chase Duddy and vocalist/songwriter Paige Duddy—wax melancholic about the flood of regret that comes at the end of a relationship.

"Why can't we f---ing get along?" Paige asks her (former) flame on the painfully relatable alt-pop track, challenging the sentiment that some lovers just can't remain friends after the breakup.

"Lately I can't sleep / I flip the pillow / Tossing and turning / Checking my cell phone," she broods in honey tones, toggling between gloom and frustration as airy electronics create a dark, moody atmosphere. Light trap beats and a low, rumbling bassline drive the point home as the chorus skitters into a wobbling beat drop.

It's a gorgeous, somber, yet hopeful song for the lonely. Listen to "I Still Wait For You," out March 10, below:

'I Still Wait For You'

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