This past Thursday at about 2 A.M in Washington, Pennsylvania, a 21-year-old dude named Benjamin Sickles decided to break in to a Subway. The sandwich place, not the actual underground transportation.

He broke a glass door to get in, then attempted to bust open the cash register. But he just couldn't get it. So instead of calling it a loss, the criminal went for NINE BAGS of chips... Yup, you believe that? NINE!

When the cops responded to the call, they noticed a strange trail of chips leading out of the Subway in the direction of his old high school. That's where they found him sitting there eating... you guessed it, CHIPS.

Guess he just couldn't wait. According to The Smoking Gun, he ended up getting arrested and charged with burglary, criminal trespass, theft, and criminal mischief. What an idiot.