Leaves in Michigan have been a little late this year in changing color this year, so instead of waiting for them you can ship in your own.

For those looking to get more into the fall spirit, whether here in Michigan or those living in warm states that don't get to experience the change of leaves, you can now have a bundle of leaves shipped to you.

ShipFoliage.com will ship you a bundle of leaves for $19.99 a bundle. The leaves are collected from the forests of Vermont and Hampshire and apparently are carefully picked with a balance of every color.

The leaves are also put through a special treatment process using ammonia and glycerin that way, as the website says "they will last for years to come."

Kyle Waring is the genius mind behind this company and spends his time hiking and specially picking out the perfect leaves, then making sure each is treated and left looking beautiful and perfect.

Why didn't we think of this...