One of the biggest New Years Eve parties is in New York. Thousands and thousands of people crowd the streets of Times Square waiting for the ball to drop and there are parties everywhere.

Olive Garden NYC
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One of those parties is at your favorite restaurant, Olive Garden, and they are charging people $400 to party with them at their Times Square location. According to TIME, your ticket includes a DJ, an open bar, party favors and a buffet! Yes, a buffet at Olive Garden! Can you imagine?! Unfortunately, the buffet comes sans breadsticks, which is CRAZY because how can you have an Olive Garden buffet without their infamous breadsticks? Suddenly, the $400 doesn't seem worth it.

Olive Garden isn't the only restaurant with a pricey NYE ticket, though. For $349 you can watch the ball drop from Ruby Tuesday's multi-level restaurant. They too will have a DJ and an open bar but if you're feeling extra lucky you can dish out almost $1,700 for a "couples VIP table."

Need a place to take the family? Applebee's will only charge you $250 for your child.


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