If you love beer, and you’re looking for a job this summer, you are not gonna believe this. There’s this company in Florida, it’s called World of Beer, and they’re hiring summer interns, they’re calling them “Drink It” interns, and they’re going to be sending them all over the country to different beer events and festivals to take pictures and videos and tweet and basically social media the crap out of how awesome beer-related travel is. (Maybe some of them will come to Grand Rapids on Tap in July?)

So, having a job that pays you to drink travel and get boozed up is pretty awesome in and of itself, but this company actually pays like REALLY well. $12,000 is what they’re offering these interns. Which is unbelievable, honestly.

Someone will make more money than me this summer by getting drunk.

Wanna be a Drink It intern? Check it out here, or watch the video below.

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