How have I not seen this video yet?

There's something about Train I absolutly love. Everytime they release a new song it sounds fresh, but still holds that Train sound that we've all known since we met Virginia.

Their newest song Bulletproof Picasso doesn't only sound great on the air, the video is phenomenal! It stars Emily Kinney (The Walking Dead) and Reid Ewing (Modern Family), he's a drifter and she's a waitress at a diner. They find each other and run off together. I'll be honest, I was pretty impressed she didn't take a pair of scissors to the fat guy in the white suit (Walking Dead fans get it)!

I've never really gone out of my way to watch their videos, I just kind of stumble upon them, but I think that may change since this is the second time I was blown away by their work. Angel In Blue Jeans was crazy good too.