In the new CBS reality series "Same Name" celebrities switch places with a total stranger who shares the same name.  In an upcoming episode boxer Mike Tyson switches places with Mike Tyson, a nurse from Zeeland.

We don't know much yet about what happens on the episode, but it will be fun to watch.  I just hope Mike Tyson (Zeeland) knows better than to mess with Mike Tyson's (the boxer) tiger.

Check out this video of Mike Tyson (the boxer) having dinner at Boatwerks in Holland.
"Same Name" debuts Sunday, July 24 at 9:00pm on CBS.  The first episode will feature David Hasselhoff switching places with a 27-year-old electrical technician/landscaper from Texas.  Comedian Kathy Griffin and NFL player Reggie Bush will be on future episodes of the show.


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