By now you've of ZeroRez and what they can do to clean so many different areas of your house. But, have you ever sat back and wondered, "Who really is ZeroRez and what exactly do they do?"

Well, we sat down with Steve Lopez who owns and operates ZeroRez of Grand Rapids to find out not only what the company is about, but what he's about as well.

One of the main things that drew Steve to ZeroRez as a company was his desire to protect Michigan's lakes, rivers, and waterways. He says, "We only have five Great Lakes - if we can take care of those to the best of our abilities I, as a businessman, want to do that."

His business philosophy is "People. Planet. Profit." He says that while ZeroRez is his business, it's not about him. It's about how he can make a difference in the community around him.

ZeroRez's processes for cleaning do something that most others do not. They don't clean with soaps or chemicals. In fact, ZeroRez's carpet-cleaning process actually takes out soaps and chemicals that were likely left behind by other carpet-cleaning companies.

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