Betty White Brings Laughter to Grand Rapids [Video]
In her first visit to West Michigan in her nearly 90-years, Betty White promises that she will never forget us in her heart.
Heart is the 'Password' of the week as talented comedians from all parts of the country have come together to help raise awareness and funds for Gilda's Club.
Ever Fall In Love With A Fictional Husband?
Funny!  Every Christmas, me and my sister get all snug by the fireplace and pop Pride and Prejudice into the DVD player ... and savor the storyline over two nights!
We both LOVE Mr. Darcy and giggle everytime it gets to the part when he sexily (not on purpose, of course, thus the hotness of the scene…
Fennville Retires Jersey #35 With Pride!
All eyes this basketball season have been on a small town high school team in Fennville called the Blackhawks.
March third, one of their close teammates died of a heart attack after leading them into the playoffs, undefeated!
#35 will forever be remembered as the number Wes Leonard chose to wear each …
The Bachelor Proposes To … [Video]
After telling her over and over that 'she's the one,' 'his family has chosen her for him,' and that he has 'fallen in love'... Brad asked Emily to marry him on the season finale of The Bachelor!
Set in a gorgeous South African ravine resort area, Emily said yes, and…
Talk About ‘Survivor!’ [Video]
My heart aches for anyone who suffers -- for any reason.
Sometimes suffering is for our own good, but this survivor is a testament to the will to live so he can tell us about it!
For three days, a Japanese man floated at sea aboard a piece of roofing from his former household  that was …
Fennville Heads To Regionals Tonight!
For me, and hopefully for you, it has been really neat to see the Fennville community, as well as surrounding communities come together and lift up the Leonard family after Wes unexpectedly died after throwing the winning shot to advance his team to the play-offs on March 3rd.
It's far reaching how m…
West Michigan Chills With Cosby At Laughfest!
Two hours seemed like a prelude or a warm-up for veteran Bill Cosby who filled DeVos Performance Hall for two shows yesterday.
Although I wasn't able to attend the show -- I can honestly say that reading quotes from his dialogue is just as funny as hearing him deliver each punchline!  I can so pictur…
Space Shuttle ‘Discovery’ Retires! [Video]
Do you remember when the space shuttle Discovery launched into space for the first time in 1984?
It seems like the world was more into the magnificence of what it takes to get one of these puppies into outer space and after traveling over 148 million miles during 39 missions ... Nasa has decided to c…
Smelly Homes Make Or Break Your Kids’ Grades!
How anyone came up with the idea to link how your house smells to the kind of grades you got in school is beyond me, but I got a kick out of some of the results!
Like, 84% of students who bring home A's and B's claim that their houses either smelled lemony, clean or like fresh baked cookies…

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