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Babies Eating Lemons [Video]
Things that I will never get sick of when it comes to kids: pictures of them being terrified of Santa, videos of them singing random pop songs, and videos of their reactions to lemons.
Seriously, as an adult, we know better than to stick an entire lemon wedge into our mouths, but kids don't have that…
Young Girl Pissed About “All Pink” Toys For Girls
This video had floated around the interwebs for a while.  It's still pretty cute today.
A little girl named Riley goes off about why companies "want girls to buy the pink stuff instead of stuff that boys want to buy."
She went on to say that some girls liked superheroes and…
Cute Kid Talks About Dreams [Video]
Ever have a really great dream, only to wake up thinking to yourself  "Man, that was a great dream! But now I can't remember what it was about!"?
Or, worse yet, knowing what you dreamed, but not being able to put it into words.
I think that might be the case with this kid. …
Kanye West’s Infamous Tweets Get Reenacted by Kids
Kids say the darnest things and in this case it’s Kanye West‘s tweets. Entertainment website produced several brief clips of children acting out Yeezy’s random thoughts on his Twitter account. The comedy series ‘Kids Reenact Kanye’s Tweets‘ is the fun…
Cat Helps Baby Go To Sleep [Video]
Let me be straight up and say I'm not a cat person.  At all.
I (mostly) don't find them cute. Their attitude sucks; you give them food and shelter and in return, they generally want nothing to do with you.  And they stink.
Bouncing Puppy Wants to Play Fetch With Baby [VIDEO]
This cute puppy can’t wait to play fetch with the new arrival. Unfortunately, he doesn’t realize the baby can barely sit up, let alone toss a ball. Still, the little guy is determined to get on the bed to play. Hang in there buddy. You’re almost there!

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