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Hotel Chain Bans Bacon & Sausage
I'm all about eating healthy but this is just asinine.
A hotel group from Norway has banned bacon and sausage from their menus to encourage healthier eating habits.
Fox News reports that Nordic Choice hotel group has over 170 locations around Scandinavia and the Baltics and will replace…
You Have to Give This Up to Live to 150
Everyone wants to live a long life and because of that you have to develop healthy habits to be on that path, such as exercising and eating right.
The secret to living to 150 has been revealed and of course it includes the aforementioned but it has one major downside...
5 Things ‘Naturally’ Fit People Do [List]
I came across this article and had to share. I am one of those people who is NOT 'naturally' fit. I mean, I eat one cheeseburger and I start to look like the Michelin Man. So, those people who seem to always be fit; what do they do differently? Let's answer that.
New Kids’ Book ‘Maggie Goes On A Diet’ Causing Controversy
A new children's book is causing quite a stir.
The book, titled, 'Maggie Goes on a Diet' has sparked controversy among moms and health advocates who claim it sends the wrong message.
The book is about a 14-year old girl who is overweight and bullied relentlessly until she goes on a di…