A new children's book is causing quite a stir.

The book, titled, 'Maggie Goes on a Diet' has sparked controversy among moms and health advocates who claim it sends the wrong message.

The book is about a 14-year old girl who is overweight and bullied relentlessly until she goes on a diet and loses weight.

She then becomes a star soccer player and gains popularity in school.

Negative comments from worried parents and weight-loss experts about the book's weight-loss message have flooded the Internet.

One person wrote, "Terrible reflection on our society, boycott the book. ... This is awful."

Is it really sending a bad message, though? I would have to say a giant yes. Parts of the book, the parts about eating right at exercising send a great message to kids. But then, to turn around and be like "Look! Maggie isn't fat anymore and now she has friends and everyone loves her!"? That's just messed up. And I would have to agree with the people who say that this kind of thing could be a trigger for kids who are already prone to having eating disorders.

The picture book targets young readers. Barnes & Noble's website says the book is for readers 6 to 12 years old; Amazon's site says ages 4 to 8.

Check out this piece from 'Good Morning America' that explores both sides of the controversy. Is this a book that you would allow your kids to read?