Don't feel bad...we've all done these...though they are creepy!

Buzzfeed put together this AWESOME list of 25 creepy things that everyone does. So, don't feel bad if you do them, or have done them because we've ALL been there.

  1. If someone is talking to you in an take on said accent.
  2. Reading over someones shoulder...
  3. Sniffing your own hair
  4. Sniffing another person's hair.
  5. Talking to a stranger when you really think you know the person beside you
  6. Accidentally holding hands with a stranger when you think it's your sig other
  7. Hugging someone for too long
  8. Accidentally kissing someone on the lips...
  9. Staring at a stranger trying to figure out if it is a person you know
  10. Looking off into space when you realize you've been staring at said stranger for a really long time!


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