Burger King's infamous motto for years was "Have it your way", but if you live on the east side of the state, you're going to drive quite a distance to have it your way.

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A Michigan Burger King franchisee is calling it quits after what they call an "unforeseen business circumstance, and not being able to reach a resolution with Burger King Corporation.”.

In a letter sent to the Department of Economic Opportunity, they lay out plans to close 26 locations over the span of a month, with the last location closing it's doors on April 15th, 2023. This letter also serves as the official notice under the Worker Adjustment and Restraining Notification Act.

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In the letter they said this would be a loss of around 424 jobs, which could greatly impact the area.

Which Burger King Locations In Michigan Will Be Closing?

According to the letter sent to the Department of Economic Opportunity, these locations will be closing starting now, finishing up by April 15th, 2023.

Getty images / Canva
Getty images / Canva

Dearborn Heights:

  • 20401 West Warren Ave.


  • 20200 Grand River Ave.
  • 2155 Gratiot Ave.
  • 9239 Gratiot Ave.
  • 18021 Kelly Road
  • 9871 Livernois
  • 16245 Livernois
  • 20240 Plymouth Road
  • 12661 Mack Ave.
  • 13600 West McNichols Road
  • 17440 East Warren Ave.
  • 8201 Woodward Ave.
  • 15500 West 7 Mile Road


  • 3863 West Jefferson Avenue


  • 10336 West 8 Mile Road


  • 3801 Clio Road
  • 3625 South Dort Highway

Highland Park:

  • 13324 Woodward Avenue


  • 28203 Plymouth Road
  • 34835 Plymouth Ave.

Royal Oak:

  • 31456 Woodward Avenue


  • 30711 Southfield Road
  • 23660 Telegraph Road

Walled Lake:

  • 1113 East West Maple Road


  • 2411 East 8 Mile Road

Whitmore Lake:

  • 9774 East M-36

So if you're a fan of these locations, you'll want to check them out before it's too late. (Also, you may want to check ahead to see if they haven't already closed their doors.)

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