If you're a bit behind on buying gifts this year, don't worry! You're not alone!

In a study released from RetailMeNot, 30% of people say not only are they no where close to being finished with their Christmas shopping, they don't even plan on starting until next week.

Most people say the reason for the late shopping is procrastination fueled by not knowing what to get, being busy with other things, and forgetting. Other reasons were because the shopper wasn't expecting a gift from the person they are shopping for, so they were caught off guard, and some wanted to make sure they have enough money (keep in mind the 15th is a payday for a lot of people).

Take this tip, if you can help it DON'T go on a weekend. If you can gather up enough energy to shop in the evening after work, that's the best time. I went last Thursday after the show and the mall was dead, made it very easy to navigate.

Happy shopping!