A degree is something to be proud of because it shows all the hard work you've done to earn that recognition. However, nearly 300 students at Grand Rapids Community College (GRCC) haven't claimed their degree.

The college posted about it on their Facebook page.

As part of the Degrees When Due students will be contacted to get their degrees. Degrees When Due is a national initiative to improve students completing their degrees and Michigan is one of the participating states.

So why have so many gone unclaimed? A school registrar told FOX 17 that there are a couple of reasons including losing track of credits or transferring to a four-year university without applying for graduation.

 In order for students to actually receive their degree, they must apply to graduate.

The school plans on calling those people, however, if you are unsure about your graduation-status or want to find out how many credits you have, you can contact the Student Records Office at (616) 234-4121 or e-mail registrars@grcc.edu.

In addition, about 2,000 people who attended GRCC will be getting a call to complete their degrees because many are only a credit or two short of receiving their Associate's Degree.

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