Everyone knows about the Presidential election, but remember, there are a LOT more offices up for grabs this election season. Lots of seats at the local and state level will be on your ballot, and most of these people will directly affect your life a little more than the President might.

Let's go through some of these offices. I'm not going to suggest who you should vote for. Look at their platforms, and make up your own mind.

First up, for our 3rd Congressional District, we have three options. Republican Justin Amash is the incumbent Congressman, and he's up against Democrat Douglas Smith, and US Taxpayer Party candidate Ted Gerrard.


  • Amash is proud of his independent voting record, and this would be his fourth term in office if he wins.
  • Douglas Smith has a background in construction, and believes Washington should be run like a business.
  • Ted Gerrad is a retired Navy vet, and has an electrical contracting background, and also believe Washington should be run like a business.


  • Amash voted "present" on emergency aid for Flint. He says the legislation was not Constitutional.
  • Smith claims Amash failed Flint by not voting for the legislation.
  • Gerrard believes there are lead pipes all over the country, and the government needs to provide basic services, and be held responsible when they fail the people.


  • Amash says Obamacare was built to benefit big insurance companies, and that health insurance should be handled at the local level.
  • Smith believes Obamacare has the country going in the right direction.
  • Gerrard believes there needs to be more private responsibility to stop massive price hikes, and that Obamacare will probably end up like Medicare, and people will have to supplement their insurance needs.


  • Amash doesn't believe either Trump or Clinton are fit for the office of President, but has not said who he will vote for, other than "a third party candidate".
  • Smith is for Clinton for President.
  • Gerrard is voting for Darrell Castle, who's running under the same party affiliation as Gerrard, the Constitution Party (called the US Taxpayer Party in Michigan).


  • Amash thinks the state representatives should find out what their constituents want before sending troops into other countries, and that Obama's use of military force without Congressional approval is unconstitutional.
  • Smith believes the use of the military should be a last resort. The "son of two veterans", he believes the military should take more of a humanitarian role.
  • Gerrard believes troops should only be deployed when American citizens or interests are in harm's way. The U.S. should take a stand against terrorism that is oppressing other countries.

I know this is short, bullet-point info, but hopefully this gives you a basic idea of the people running for Congress for Michigan. You can find a lot more information here.

Decide who you like, and make an informed choice. Please don't just vote straight ticket.

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