I came across this article and had to share. I am one of those people who is NOT 'naturally' fit. I mean, I eat one cheeseburger and I start to look like the Michelin Man. So, those people who seem to always be fit; what do they do differently? Let's answer that.

Working in the media industry I'm no stranger to seeing a pizza sitting in the cafeteria a couple times a week. My co-workers will ask why I'm passing it up, well it's because I don't want to gain. Without fail they always say, 'you're not fat.' Maybe not, but I was!

(Me about 40 pounds heavier, with a terrible sunburn)

It wasn't until my adventure a couple summers ago that led me to thinking like a fit person; and when I don't, I gain.

Even my mom is happy I lost weight!

Five things naturally fit people do, inspired by Mind Body Green.

  • 1

    They Enjoy Staying Active

    For those of us who didn't grow up active, this is hard to imagine. It's almost like we associate exercise with punishment. 'I ate that pizza so now I have to run 7 laps around the track.' It doesn't have to be like that.

    It's an acquired taste but it makes sense. There's nothing wrong with doing a workout or activity that makes you happy. If running on a treadmill doesn't make you happy, don't do it. Go for a walk, ride a bike, jump on a trampoline, skip through the halls at work, if it makes you happy - do it!

    What works for one person, might not work for you.

    I discovered last summer that I LOVE running. When I started I couldn't even make 1/2 a mile. Now I can run a 5k like nothing, on a good day I can get 10 miles down without feeling like death.

  • 2

    They Don't Diet

    Imagine a world where you stopped dieting all together, okay now do it.

    This is going to be cliche` but it's a lifestyle change. Eat as clean as you can, it doesn't mean you're depriving yourself, it just means you're taking care of the most awesome tool you'll ever have, your body!

    Don't just do it for a couple weeks, make the commitment like you would if you stopped smoking. The only difference is if you're in the mood for some sweet and sour chicken (my weakness), have some.

    You're working more on your self control than you are with a diet.

  • 3

    Spend Time With Other Fit People

    I'm kind of a lone wolf when it comes to working out, but I use the fit people at my gym to motivate me.

    People who eat clean, or people who like to be outdoors can really help you.

    Since I don't know many people in the area; I've joined a bunch of groups online that encourage clean eating. It's hard to pass up some of the awesome food they post on Facebook, and it's all clean!

    My favorite is Nerd Fitness, simple instructions written in a fun way.

  • 4

    Get Sleep!

    You need the energy, you need to repair muscles, you need sleep! 7 or 8 hours is what you want to aim for.

    And don't worry about working out every day, you need time for your body to rest.

  • 5

    No One Is Perfect, Don't Try To Be

    This is the most important, no one is perfect.

    This goes back to what I wrote about letting yourself have that sweet and sour chicken, or that day off.

    Don't binge, but a good balance is important.

    Just kill a cookie dough ice cream flurry? No worries, just get back on the horse and ride!