This past week, WZZM 13 aired a story that looked at panhandlers in and around the city of Grand Rapids.  In the report, they found that a lot of the panhandlers were lying about being homeless as well as lying about being veterans.  

Rudy, who is a panhandler and works at a downtown corner, admitted to lying about being a veteran.  The morning show on our sister station, 97-9 WGRD, decided to send their producer out to stand next to Rudy with a sign that read in big letters... "LIAR -->."

Rudy was not amused.  Since the stunt, Rudy has moved to a different corner and is hopefully getting little to no money now.  But, the story doesn't end there.

This morning, Producer Joe from our sister station WGRD, went down to the same corner to panhandle for himself.  But, all of the money Joe collected would go to the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans.  In total they collected $1,085 from generous listeners throughout the morning that was matched by the GRD morning show.

You can watch the original news story from WZZM 13 below.