When you go to the bar more than likely you're there to drink and be social with other people. But with everyone glued to their phones these days you see a lot more people looking down than being social. That's why a cocktail bar in England has decided to put a stop to it.

The new bar, which has been open for just a week, installed a Faraday shield which blocks electric fields. Which means no cell phone use. OMG the atrocity... what will people ever do? TALK! Like they're supposed to do.

The owner of the business said:

"Mobile phones have killed pubs. When you go out socially, you don't need social media."

If patrons need to use the phone, they can use the rotary phone that's placed at all the tables.

So far the bar has gotten positive reviews. I can see why... I think it's a great idea!

What do you think of bars banning cell phone use?

Source: Yahoo