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MSP Will Send Out Text Alerts During Shootings
It's no doubt the world we live in is a scary one and that's why the Michigan State Police are taking extra precautions to make sure the public is safe. Effective as of last Wednesday, the MSP will be sending out text message alerts to people when an active shooter is present...
Bar in England Blocks Cell Phones
When you go to the bar more than likely you're there to drink and be social with other people. But with everyone glued to their phones these days you see a lot more people looking down than being social. That's why a cocktail bar in England has decided to put a stop to it...
Rude Phone Behavior in Public
We live in a world where we can't live without our phones. Everyone is constantly on their phone, but there is a time and place to text and check our e-mails. Sometimes we just need to put the phone down and have some real human interaction...
A Town With No Cell Phones [Video]
Imagine no cell phones, no WiFi, and limited use of things such as a microwave. That's the case for the small town of Green Bank, West Virginia. The town falls in a 13,000 mile radio quiet zone surrounding the Green Bank's National Radio Astronomy Observatory, which has the largest steerable telescope in the world. The town still has coin operated payphones, and some houses don't even have electri
Device Addiction Grows with Mobile Internet of Things [Video]
Well, this is interesting. Maybe not the reality of it, but its depth, breadth and reach. According to a new Deloitte survey on mobile consumer trends, we -- as in us U.S. consumers -- are becoming more and more obsessed with our electronic devices. Just call it device addiction. Some of the facts: Nearly 90 percent check their phones in the first hour of being awake and 23 percent look at their d
Newly Signed ‘Kelsey’s Law’ Will Ban Teen Drivers From Using Cell Phones [Audio]
Late Tuesday, one mother's hard work from the last two years paid off in a big way. Bonnie Raffaele, whose daughter Kelsey was tragically killed in an accident in 2010, got to see "Kelsey's Law" signed by Governor Rick Snyder. The law, which affects teen drivers in Michigan, prohibits the use of cell phones while driving. I had a chance to talk to Bonnie this afternoon about Kelsey's Law

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