For many years, the way to put a baby to bed was with a simple bedtime story from a book.

Welcome to the 21st century, where technology is changing up everything! Now many parents use tablets and e-readers to read their kids bedtime stories.

But what if we told you that kids really prefer those old timey paper books over the newfangled tablets

A new study shows that toddlers are more interested when they are read a story from a book than a story from a tablet.

Dr. Gregory Weaver, of the Cleveland Clinic's General Pediatric department was not involved in this story, but said

“When the researchers observed children and parents interacting with a regular, soft-bound book, there was much more interaction between parents and children.”

More interaction means that the children were more interested in the stories their parents were telling them.

We want to know what YOU think. Should parents allow their toddlers (less than four years old) to play with tablets and smartphones?