I don't care how old you are... a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is a pastime favorite. It's simple to make and it's delicious, even if you prefer grape jelly, LOL. One of the nice things about PB&J is that it's also cheap to make so to pay anything more than $5-$10 seems like crazy talk. And the only reason I even said $10 is because some of us like to buy bougie bread and jam. But would you be willing to pay to try the WORLD'S most expensive PB&J sandwich?

If the answer is yes, it's time to book a weekend trip to Chicago.

The Robb Report says that the newly-opened restaurant, PB&J, in the West Loop is offering the kid-favorite sandwich for a cool $350. Funny enough though, the restaurant's name actually stands for Pizza, Beer, & Jukebox, however the owners decided to create this speciality item to live up to the acronym.

So why does this elite sandwich cost so much? Let's break it down by building the sandwich:

  • The bread has edible gold dust baked into it and a gold leaf topping.
  • The peanut butter is all natural and organic (the jar itself only costs $5)
  • The jelly is a redcurrant jam from France that is hand seeded using goose quills. This ancient technique makes it the most expensive jam in the world.
  • This sandwich is also drizzled with a rare honey, imported from New Zealand. The honey is known as Manuka and is known to have many health benefits.

All of this makes the "Golden Goose" (the name of the sandwich) come out to $350. According to the restaurant's menu, the sandwich must be ordered a day in advance.

The owners of PB&J told Robb Report that a portion of the proceeds from the Golden Goose will go towards a children's charity in Chicago.

Customers who order the sandwich will also get to take home any of the left over honey and jam in jars. As tempting (or tasty) as it sounds, if you can't find yourself dishing out 350 bucks for peanut butter and jelly, the restaurant also offers a variety of PB&J's for much cheaper -- including the all-time classic on white Wonder bread for only $5.

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Take a look at the world's most expensive PB&J here.

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