A man who has been seen panhandling in front of a dealership in Brighton, MI was exposed for his tactics.

Employees at the Brighton Honda dealer felt sympathetic towards the panhandler after seeing him day after day and, according to FOX 2 Detroit, decided to offer him a job. However, they were shocked when he turned it down stating that he makes better money doing what he already does.

In response, the dealership put him on blast and posted a sign on one of their cars warning people. A picture of the sign along with the "jobless" man himself was posted to Facebook on Tuesday.

As the sign says, the dealership offered him a full-time job for $10/hour before they were told

I make more than any of you

They suggested people donate to a better cause instead.

FOX 2 reports that the man has since been arrested for drunk and disorderly conduct.

If you're ever concerned or feel awkward about giving a panhandler money, you can instead give them a voucher to be redeemed for necessary services. This way you know what it's going towards.

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