Prom is a big deal in a teenager's life and if you've been to prom before than you know a lot goes into it... especially money. But kids nowadays are going above-and-beyond for the perfect "promposal."

Seventeen that they are "aspiring social media stars" so I guess you can't be too surprised.

Seventeen also reports on a study done Visa that took a look at the costs of "promposals" by region. On average, it costs $324.

Northeastern families spent the most money with an average of $431 on promposals and $738 on prom night for a total of $1,169. Here, in the Midwest, the average promposal costs $218 and prom night costs $515 for a total of $733.

How much do you think is an appropriate amount of money to spend on prom?

Also, share your promposal stories. How did you get asked to prom?