If you had the opportunity to skip work (and still get paid) without anyone noticing, would you?

A lot would probably say HELL YES!

69-year-old Joaquin Garcia, of Spain, works a waste treatment plant as a supervisor, which required him to oversee the construction at the facility. According to Uproxx.com, the position didn't require much out of him so he decided to stop going. Yea, he just stopped showing up to work.

There mustn't be a punch clock because Garcia got away with not showing up to work for SIX YEARS! Oh, and he was still getting paid! So how did someone finally notice?

It was Garcia's 20th anniversary with the facility when upper management decided to do something nice for him and honor him for 20 years of "dedicated service." When they couldn't find him they started asking employees, who admitted they had not seen Garcia in years.

After an investigation was launched, officials discovered that Garcia stopped showing up to work in 2004 before he was caught in 2010.

The case just wrapped up last week where Garcia was given a $30,000 fine. Which if you think about it that is the equivalent to one year's salary... which means he still got paid for FIVE YEARS of not working.

He is a modern-day hero.