Love the feel-good holiday movies you see on Lifetime and Hallmark? Well, one is being shot in West Michigan right now!

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This is a Christmas movie that aims to break the mold - "A Holiday I Do" is an LGBTQ+ inclusive Christmas film.

The plot will center around Jane, a single mom and farm girl, who is set to be the best (wo)man in her ex-husband’s Christmas wedding. She'll be navigating a holiday season with changing family dynamics, when she inadvertently falls for Sue, the wedding planner. As the big day approaches, Jane will need Christmas miracle to save the wedding and rescue the farm.

The creators write:

Each Christmas, millions enjoy watching those lighthearted, Holiday-themed storylines with those predictable happily-ever-after endings.

In 2019, 70 new Christmas movies premiered on the Hallmark and Lifetime channels-- none of which contained gay lead characters or storylines. That’s when A Holiday I Do was born. We are looking to change this lack of LGBTQ+ representation with an accessible, queer Christmas movie that everyone can enjoy! This is not your regular heterosexual, non-diverse, cookie cutter Hallmark Christmas movie... we’re breaking new ground with this indie holiday movie.

Fox 17 caught up with the filmmakers at West Michigan Regional Airport in Holland on Jan. 10, 2021.

"A Holiday I Do" is also shooting in Saugatuck and Grand Rapids.

Director and Producer Paul Schneider tells Fox 17,

Everybody loves the positive and inspirational hallmark style Christmas films, but they're not very diverse. So we want anybody no matter who they love to be able to sit down and watch a film that they can enjoy and see themselves represented.

Ten percent of the proceeds from the film will be going to The Trevor Project, which  focuses on suicide prevention efforts among LQBTQ+ youth. The filmmakers say,

Like our friends at the Trevor Project, it’s our mission with the film is to reach those in the LGBTQ+ community who might feel not welcomed for the holidays. We hope that this film will give them a short escape and remember they are supported, loved, and accepted.

"A Holiday I Do" is expected to be released in the 2022 holiday season.

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