How long have you been on a diet? You've wrapped yourself, starved yourself, allowed yourself only meat, you've tracked all your food, at some point you've been on a diet that was comparable to a bout of IBS, you may have even electrocuted yourself!

I'm not saying give up. I'm saying if that sounds familiar, you might laugh off a few calories while watching this Jim Gaffigan clip from 'Conan.'

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My new friends don't believe me when I say I've struggled with weight by whole life, and that I still have some work to do. They usually roll their eyes when I tell them I have to keep myself in check, but it's true, I have one of those bodies that puts flabby weight on at the site of a greasy cheeseburger.

With that said, I've tried about everything to drop weight. Finally, last summer I started eating clean and found a hobby, running! Not treadmill running, outdoor nature running! To me, there's nothing more relaxing. It's not that I have anything against a treadmill, I've jumped on a few times this winter so I can hit the ground running (literally) this spring, it's just not as fun to me.

My point is Gaffigan brings up some great points in that video, I think most people reading this totally get the struggle and how 'unfun' losing weight can be.

If I could offer one piece of advice, do something you love and don't deprive yourself (okay, that's two). I fell in love with running. Can I run a marathon? HA! No! But I can enjoy myself and get some pretty amazing results. And if you're hungry for some ice cream or some sweet and sour chicken, my weakness, go for it! Just don't go after it like a starving dog.

This doesn't come from a guy with a six pack or exploding biceps. Just the dorky guy you hear everyday from 3 until 8 on Channel 95-7, who happened to lose 30 pounds in the last couple years by changing the way he thinks.

If you are trying to change the way you think, check out this blog called Nerd Fitness. It's a very down to Earth approach. No fads, just enjoying yourself while getting a bit healthier!

One more thing, remember how I said people electrocute themselves to lose weight? Check out this video of two Swedish guys trying to cook with those bands on! (WARNING: I have no idea what they're saying, they could be saying foul things.)