Singing week after week on American Idol is nerve wracking!  Don't get me started about how crazy you have to be to agree to be a part of Dancing with the Stars.

DWTS and A.I. are two reality shows that require some major skillz!  Which brings me to another point ...I have a sweet niece, Grace, who is a dutch dancer for Tulip Time in Holland.  She gets up early every morning to practice with her exhibition team and pair-up with her friend, Laura.  During the festival, they dance between two and three times a day while wearing authentic dutch costumes, 8-10 pairs of socks, and wooden shoes!  They work hard, but look great!

I'm thinking it looks easier than it is and WZZM's Aaron Van Ofseyer goes on an Adventure to Holland so my niece and Laura can teach him how to klompen dance!  Let's see what he concludes about its complexity level!!

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