This past Thursday kicked off the National Football League's season and it seems that that there are still some people out there who consider football to be a purely male sport. Not only are all of the players men, people seem to think that that only men can enjoy watching the sport. How do we know? Well, because of some extremely sexist posts by people on Twitter! See what I mean after the jump.

First up, we have radio station News Talk 1010 out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. They want to know what we ladies will do while out men are busy watching man sports.


I mean, I'm stoked that Bruno Mars will be playing the Super Bowl halftime show because it probably means that the half time show won't suck as much as it has the last couple of years, but I also enjoy watching football. In fact, I play in TWO fantasy football leagues. Of course, as one woman on Facebook put it, when I set my line up, I have to "borrow a penis to hold while doing most of this as my lady-brain just can't process all that football information." Well said.

Next up, we have comedian Kevin Hart. He took a less complimentary, less subtle approach to insinuating that there are no women in all of the world who watch football:


I'm not allowed to talk to my man while football is on? Really, Kevin? Well, let me fill you in on how Sundays go around my house during football season. I wake up, I set my lineup for two fantasy teams, and then I sit and watch the games I'm interested in while my boyfriend sleeps on the couch. Why? Because he's not interested in any games that the Lions aren't playing in. You know who gets shushed? HE DOES! I won one of my fantasy football leagues last year! Suck my lady dick, Kevin Hart.