Angela Paasche/Channel 95.7

Cygnus 27 is coming down again for Dessert Wars, literally.

The Latin influenced-cuisine restaurant, located on the glass-towered 27th floor of the Amway Grand Plaza hotel, returns for Dessert Wars 2015 on Thursday night at the Amway Grand's Ambassador Ballroom in downtown Grand Rapids.

Chef Doug and Lead Baker Lisa brought in some Cyngus 27-prepared frushi (fruit sushi) samples and dished on Dessert Wars with Channel 95.7's "Connie and Curtis."

Cygnus 27 created the judge's choice award winner for Dessert Wars 2014, caramel apple cream puffs.

As for the frushi, Connie thought "it was a joke."

It's not, Lisa said. "It's really that I saw it on Pinterest and I found a pretty picture of this and thought, 'Oh, I really like this."

Cygnus 27 is among about a dozen sweet treat makers from Grand Rapids and across West Michigan taking part in Dessert Wars, presented by Channel 95.7 and Hobart Corp. Running 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Amway Grand Plaza, 187 Monroe Avenue NW, admission is $8 and children younger than 9 years old are $2 with tickets available at the door. Admission includes 15 sample tickets, with a portion of the proceeds going to the Grand Rapids non-profit Kids' Food Basket.

Cygnus 27's delectable version of frushi includes special sushi rice, dehydrated pineapple, flowered strawberry, a green apple fruit roll-up, pectin jelly, a touch of chocolate and sprinkled sugar, Doug and Lisa said.

It's among a host of desserts to be found at Cygnus 27.

Cygnus 27's Chef Doug and Lead Baker Lisa visit on Channel 95.7's "Connie and Curtis," talking about frushis (fruit sushi) and Dessert Wars. (Photo: Angela Paasche/Channel 95.7)