I'm sooo guilty!  Several times a week I have found myself either talking with you on-the-air about weight issues or with my friends.  It is always at the top of mind.

Come to find out I'm not alone and 93% of women have admitted to what is now called, 'Fat Talk!'

Don't you think it's time to turn things around and start talking about what we do eat right and how healthy we feel?

Sororities around the country are actually planning 'Fat Talk Free' weeks, if you can believe it, and the goal is to shush anyone who starts complaining about her weight.  Are you in?  Does Channel 957 need to hold a FTF marathon?

Let me just say that I adore all of you and think you are looking great.  If you do struggle with how you look, ask yourself if  this is a real issue, and consider visiting your doctor for ways to stay healthy while cutting back.

Fat Talk leads to negative thinking and is never good for your self-esteem, let alone your waistline.  So, let's encourage one another on and start celebrating life!

Source:  Yahoo Shine