I'm just going to start off by saying that I am in no way a fashion expert. Give me a pair of jeans and a comfy t-shirt and I'm good to go. But, I do have some strong opinions about what people shouldn't wear. We've talked about people who wear leggings as pants, the phenomenon that is pajama jeans for men, and the ever terrible dress pant sweat pants, but this new pant trend might be the worst.

Italian design company Acquacalda just took the weird pant trend to a whole new level. Their product, Pic Nic Pants, are a cross between MC Hammer pants, jeans, and a table to rest a plate on while you're eating a meal. Because, you know, that's what people have been looking for for years.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm all about melding fashion with function, but I wouldn't be caught dead wearing these things. Not only do they have that ever so fashionable "table" attached, they also have a drink holder attached to the leg. Basically, you're wearing a camping chair.

After “in bed when at 4am after a full night of drinking” and “in front of the TV while I cry, alone,” this is my new favorite place to eat!

Ladies of West Michigan, tell me, would you ever wear the Pic Nic pants?