It's Back!  Just in time for opening day at the ballpark, Michigan's most famous beer is back on tap!  Oberon is Bell's Brewery signature beer and it was created to be the perfect summer beer to be enjoyed at a baseball game.

The beer is so famous that today is like a holiday in the midwest.  Scratch that...  It is a holiday!  It's Oberon Day!  And you can find tapping parties all over the state!

So grab a six pack of Oberon when the Tigers take the field for their home opener this Thursday at 1:10pm.

If you are in the Grand Rapids area, you can head down to Logan's Alley right now for the Oberon Tapping party!  The event started this morning at 7am and if you aren't a big fan of Oberon (WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU, IT'S SO GOOD!) then you can have a Two Hearted Ale, which is another featured beer at the party.

How will you celebrate Oberon Day?