Did you know there was a competition for the best tasting water? I didn't until today!

The contest is put together by the American Water Works Association (AWWA). They give out an award for the best-tasting water based on the water's appearance, taste, and aroma.

The judging is done by various states across the country. In our state, there is a panel of judges that are selected by the Michigan Section of the American Water Works Association. They judge water that comes from different cities around the mitten state.

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Who has the Best Tasting Water in Michigan?

You have to head a short distance north of Grand Rapids to find the municipality with great water. This year, the judges selected the H2O from Plainfield Township as the best tasting water in the state. Plainfield Township has also won the award in the past...they won 31 years ago in 1991.

Plainfield Township Sign
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The township will now advance to represent our state at the AWWA's national competition which takes place in San Antonio, TX on June 14th of this year. (In my mind I picture a person in a black suit, surrounded by bodyguards, walking into the competition with a locked container of water handcuffed to his wrist!)

You can also find great looking, tasting, and smelling water in Bay County and Manistique, Michigan. Bay County is located along Saginaw Bay on the state's east side and includes the cities of Bay City and Pinconning. Manistique is located in the Upper Peninsula along the northern shores of Lake Michigan.

The Importance of Drinking Water

Did you know that 60-70% of our body is water? Some of the benefits of drinking water include that it delivers oxygen through our body. It also helps lubricate our joints and boosts skin health and beauty. It also assists in regulating our body temperature and helps to flush out body waste.

It is recommended that a person drinks about two liters of water every day to stay healthy.

Plainfield Township...have you considered bottling your water?

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