Dang, the U.P. just can't catch a break. At times, Michigan's Upper Peninsula just gets left off of maps entirely, but in this instance, Busch Beer thinks it's part of Wisconsin.

In Busch's promotion to give Michiganders $1 off beer for every inch of snow we get, they shared a map on Facebook with the little pin marker for Wisconsin planted solidly in MICHIGAN's Upper Peninsula. Now it looks like Busch Beer has corrected the error on Twitter, but still...

The outrage!

I wondered when the U.P. Twitter account would catch wind of this... Apparently they already shared it, tweeting, "See, Busch Beer knows." Um, what?

Apparently after the Lions loss to the Packers in December, the U.P. Twitter account officially changed it's name to "The Upper Peninsula of Wisconsin" -- Excuse me?!

This is more serious than I thought...

Huh. Oh well, maybe Busch will make it up to us like Poo Pouri did with some sort of (additional) freebie?

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