Less than a day after a tragic shooting in Oxford that took 4 lives and left many others injured and still fighting for their lives, the sight of first responders at Caledonia High School caused a scare this morning for students, parents, and community members in Caledonia.

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At a time when tensions are high, and a school shooting close to home tops the headlines, many community members were rightly concerned as first responders made their way to Caledonia High School on Wednesday morning.

Many took to social media to find out what was going on. Some even said they got texts from their students notifying them that they were being evacuated to the south campus:

My high school senior just reported some sort of incident in the cafeteria at the HS. Kids have been escorted to the south campus and Fire trucks are on site.

Some even shared unfounded rumors that the students were hearing:

My sophomore told me there was a fire and she heard rumors of a bomb threat also. Someone came into their class room and confirmed there was NO bomb threat, and kids are staying in their classes now while they investigate if there is/was a fire.

Luckily, it turns out that it was just a faulty sensor that caused the alarm and response from the fire department.

A communication sent from the school district notified parents of the issue and response:

Today, at approximately 9:45 am, our fire alarm went off in response to a faulty sensor in the duct work in the North Campus. Staff and students followed all emergency protocol and were safely and quickly evacuated from the North Campus. They were then moved from the outdoor safety zones to the South Campus Gynmasium due to the cold temperatures outside. At this time, the Caledonia Fire Department also reported to the High School, cleared the building and verified the faulty sensor.
Students have now been returned to class and have been notified the cause of the alarm was a faulty sensor. We are thankful that our systems are in place and working to ensure the safety of the staff and students at CHS.

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