A 47-year-old Seattle woman named Jodi Jaecks is a survivor of breast cancer, so she has fought enough if you ask me. Jodi had to undergo a double mastectomy and she says it is painful to wear a swimsuit top out in public. Reuters reports that she wanted to swim topless at Seattle's public Medgar Evers pool but she was denied access... So now she is fighting that, too.

The Seattle Parks and Recreation Department has now said that due to her physical situation, she would be "granted a narrow exception" to swim topless at all public pools during adult sessions. I guess if you put a little heat on the system, it might work out for you. Ms. Jaecks is now cancer-free and says, "My ultimate goal is to change policy at beaches and pools, to increase people's awareness of cancer and the realities of the human condition."

I do not know how many cities would allow this, but how would this make you feel if swimming at the pool with her, would it bother you?