Police responding to a fight Saturday night at McFadden's downtown had to tase a man who allegedly attacked one officer. Some people are showing concern for the use of force.

The fight started downtown when Shalon King and his friends were involved in an argument with bouncers at McFadden's.

Police were called, and then all craziness broke loose.

King claims that once police got there they punched his friend in the face and grabbed King's head. King then told WOOD-TV that, in the video, it looks like he's resisting arrest, but he was falling and trying to regain balance. As King puts his hands up police launched the TASER at him.

You can see part of the incident in the video above, but there is more video police won't be releasing until after the incident.

What does that video show?

According to GRPD Lt. Merrill, the video from another business shows King punching an officer. The video will be released when the case has closed.

Witnesses also back up what the unreleased video shows, King jumping the officer and hitting him several times.

The following is opinion...

I think this is where self control really comes in. Let's pretend there was no video to back up these officers. If you're the unlucky one that has to deal with an officer who had a bad day, why in the world would you be difficult? Common sense tells me to follow an officer's instructions, he or she, needs to control the situation. If I have a problem with how they handled it, that's what filing complaints and court is for.

Most police officers are good people, but like every profession, you have a couple in a bunch that in no way should be in the position they are. Most are reasonable, but you have to be just as reasonable. The way you handle an aggressive officer is going to show how the rest plays out.

Moral of the story: YOU decide how your situation goes, take responsibility. If you put yourself in a position where an officer has to pull his TASER, you've made a wrong move.

Now, if video comes back and shows one of the officers throwing the first punch, I'll be the first to retract. I think reason gets thrown out when someone starts attacking you.