Summertime is great for multiple reasons but towards the top of the list is going swimming, even more so a day at the waterpark!

I grew up going to waterparks every summer and Cedar Point's Soak City was always one of my favorites but their new Shores Waterpark blows Soak City out of the water!! (Pun intended).

Early this week, Cedar Point gave people a sneak peek of their new waterpark which is currently still under construction. Their website states that Shores Waterpark will be 18-acres full of attractions (including four new ones), restaurants, places to shop, cabanas plus so much more!

Cedar Point Shores Waterpark is set to open to the public on Saturday, May 27th but in the meantime here's a teaser video below of all the fun you can expect once you walk in.

HOW COOL IS THAT?! I think I'm mostly excited about the waterslides. Here's a full list of all the attractions at Cedar Point Shores Waterpark but the new ones include:

  • Point Plummet - Four different slides, 6 story's high, will plummet four people straight down the slide into the water, at the same time.
  • Portside Plunge - Five different "tube-like" slides that twist and turn and has everything about a waterslide that you love. You can go down the slide alone or with another person.
  • Lakeside Landing - A splash ground for the kids that features 12 slides and a deck with shades for parents to relax.
  • Lemmy's Lagoon - A splash area for the whole family. "Lemmy" is the monster that lives in Lake Erie and is at the center of the lagoon. This attraction will include slides, gadgets and geysers.

According to the press release from Cedar Point, most attractions that were at Soak City have been renamed to reflect Lake Erie.

In addition to the attractions, there will be places to eat and drink because obviously you need a cocktail in hand while getting your tan on or relaxing down the lazy river ;)

Cedar Point was incepted in 1870 as a beach for people to relax and hang out at. Jason McClure, VP and general manager of Cedar Point stated:

The transformation of Cedar Point Shores puts all the pieces together – the connection to the lake, the mile-long Cedar Point Beach and thrilling water attractions. One day just isn’t enough to experience everything we’re offering this summer.”

While the Shores Waterpark doesn't open until Memorial Day weekend, the actual amusement park will be open to guests on May 6th.

So, who's ready for a summer road trip?!!

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