It never hurts to take a look back, right?

Well, then: Check out Channel 95.7's hottest topics for 2014.

These were all determined by you, at least through your online visits to Channel 95.7.

Jim Carrey and Kim Kardashian are among them. So are Channel 95.7's Connie and Curtis, Wendy Reed and Josh Garber.

  • Connie and Curtis/Channel 95.7
    Connie and Curtis/Channel 95.7

    Kim Kardashian: The Butt That Inspired A Million Memes (And Curtis) NSFW

    Kim Kardashian set out to break the Internet with her displayed butt and she is succeeding. Will Curtis?

  • Getty Images
    Getty Images

    Is It Photoshopped? Pooping Cheerleader!?!

    A photo hit the Internet ... of a cheerleader pooping on her bases! Yikes! Do you think it’s Photoshopped!?
  • Photodisc/ThinkStock

    10 Things To Do While Your Boyfriend Plays Video Games

    Needless to say, my boyfriend playing video games has left me with quite a bit of time on my hands. Especially because, it seems, most games make you lose all sense of time.
  • Rogelio Bernal Andreo/Stocktrek Images Via Getty Images
    Rogelio Bernal Andreo/Stocktrek Images Via Getty Images

    Woman Acts Out Zodiac Signs and Nails Every One

    Do you ever read your horoscope? Some days it might seem accurate and some days not. For me, this lady is 100 percent dead on. I'm a textbook Scorpio, passionate and no nonsense. So, to watch this woman act out my sign is kind of scary.

  • Matt Katzenberger
    Matt Katzenberger

    The Michigan Accent -- It Exists

    Fellow Michiganders, we do have an accent! And, some pretty odd slang terms, too.
  • Afton Almaraz/Getty Images
    Afton Almaraz/Getty Images

    Quiz: What City Should You Actually Live In?

    The quiz is on BuzzFeed asks what city you should actually live in, with questions like: How do you like your coffee? How would you spend your ideal trip? How do you exercise? What’s your favorite type of drink?

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  • Wendy Reed/Channel 95.7
    Wendy Reed/Channel 95.7

    Facebook Lets You Look Back At Your Time On Facebook With New Video

    While the folks at Facebook were celebrating their 10th birthday, they also gave users a chance to look back at everything they've done on Facebook in a fun new way.

  • Bethany Clarke/Getty Images
    Bethany Clarke/Getty Images

    Woman's Final Days Told Through Twitter

    A woman shares about her life in her last days on Twitter.

  • Cultura RM/Matelly/Getty Images
    Cultura RM/Matelly/Getty Images

    Professor Makes Student Answer Phone On Speaker; He Will Probably Never Do That Again!

    File this under awkward! And it's one of the best April fool's pranks -- and it's from Aquinas College.

  • Kevin Winter/Getty Images
    Kevin Winter/Getty Images

    This One Minute Video of Jim Carrey’s Commencement Speech Might Change Your Life

    Actor, comedian and entertainer Jim Carrey in a commencement address to Maharishi University of Management's Class of 2014: ""All there will ever be is what's happening here."

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