Just after four this morning, friends of Channel 957 got all dressed-up to witness Britain's newest royal couple take their vows theater-style at Celebration Cinema North!

There was already a long line of spectacular tiara wearing fans waiting to have their picture taken by Ann Webster of Big Lyle's Party & Event Entertainment.  She offered several authentic backdrops that included Queen Elizabeth's royal carriage, an outside shot of Buckingham Palace, and Prince William & Kate Middleton's engagement picture.  I chose the later and look more like a stalker standing behind the newlyweds than I do a part of the wedding party!   But, you get the picture.

While taking in all of the activities on the big screen that led up to the arrival of the wedding party at Westminster Abbey -- all of us were partaking in a delectible English breakfast that included scones, cucumber finger sandwiches, and of course, a spot of tea to cleanse the palette!

I think the highlight for me -- while watching the wedding proceedings and mingling with my new friends -- was hearing everyone's responses when we first saw Prince William and Prince Harry (awww), Queen Elizabeth (applause), Kate Middleton getting into the queen's 1950 Mercedes from Goring Hotel with her father on their way to Westminster Abbey(gasping and whispering about her elegant dress and calm countenance), and the expressions of both Harry and William when they first set eyes upon the graceful bride (shy smiles of anticipation for them and giggles from all of us!).